Thursday, 5 May 2016

Scrapbooking Workshop with Paperchase!


Project Craft has landed!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you'll have seen I was working on a very big project in early March. I worked some very long days and traveled up to London for an exciting photoshoot, and I'm so pleased to now be able to share it with you!

Paperchase have rebranded their craft workshops, and Project Craft is here!

There are some awesome workshops available on Pom Pom making, DIY stationery, kids crafts, card making, paper flowers and scrapbooking. The workshops are available in the flagship Paperchase stores in London, Manchester and Glasgow and are perfect if you're looking to try a new craft.

I created a scrapbooking workshop that will be taught by the lovely people at Paperchase, where you'll learn techniques and methods for creating your own layouts. You'll be able to have a look through some example pages and you'll learn skills on how to present your own photographs and bits and pieces for your personal scrapbook.

I'm so excited to see people book on and experience the workshops - you'll be learning how to craft with like-minded people and all your materials will be provided. Here's a direct link to more information on the scrapbooking workshop, and there's a video of me creating one of the double page spreads so you can have a look at what you could create!

Don't forget to share any of your creations with Paperchase and the hashtag #ProjectCraft, and if you want some more inspiration, have a look through my posts on scrapbooking.


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Current favourites



I’ve really felt inspired to scrapbook lately, and it’s a good feeling! I always do my monthly Project Life spread (a pocket page system that uses photos and journaling cards to document events), but I’ve been more inspired to create 12 x 12 layouts, too. I’m subscribed to a lot of scrapbookers on YouTube and I love watching process videos – especially if they’re UK based. Here are a few of my favourites: Hey Elsie, ChloeMurray, SuseFish and KittyScrapper


This might jump me up into the prematurely-aged category, but I’ve recently started my patio garden with grand plans for home-grown veg. I’ve been doing my research properly this year to give me a head start – last year I had a grow bag with a tomato plant and a cucumber plant already started from Graham’s mum, but this time I’m trying to grow everything myself from seeds.
Wish me luck!


Ironically, with Instagram being all over the internet last week for a bad decision, and users sharpening their pitchforks with intent, I’ve actually started to love it more recently. Though the algorithm and Instagram’s decision to apparently ignore the large campaign against the change is disappointing, it has resulted in me using the app differently.

I won’t be turning notifications on for any posts, instead, I’m being a lot more active rather than a silent user. I’m posting the same, but in terms of other people’s content, I’m interacting a whole lot more by ‘liking’ all the photos I love, and commenting every now and again, too. The algorithm, as I understand it, will mean the feed won’t be shown chronologically, and instead will show your favourites at the top of your feed, along with the content it thinks you will prefer. In preparation, I’m just being a whole lot more obvious about which content I’d rather see, and which users I love. I’ll still be stalking browsing specific users in the search function, but it will be interesting to see how and if the change will roll out, and how much it will affect certain users. I finally changed my username to something more legible, and you can find me here.

And some others...

Other minimal favourites of mine this month include: My new washi tape and wooden dispenser (found in Homesense), a big haul of new makeup (because everything seems to run out at the same time) and – another potentially ridiculous favourite for a 23 year old – my new hoover. After months of indecision, I finally invested in a Dyson and it’s made my life (and carpets) a whole lot nicer. Adulthood, huh? *groan*


Saturday, 26 March 2016

Banana loaf recipe


Hello! Here I am. It’s been a little while since my last blog post. The beginning of March was extremely busy with a big freelance project, and then the rest of March has disappeared in a flurry. I’m still a little daunted at how quick this year is going. I’ve got quite a few things I’ve wanted to blog about, but I’ve found that when I come to write, the page stays empty. It’s like I’ve got a brain block when it comes to getting my thoughts down, though I’m hoping this will pass soon. I hate leaving this little blog empty of new posts, so I thought I’d keep it nice and simple today and share a recipe.

If you scan my recipe archive, you’ll know that bananas feature a lot. We always seem to have some left over and I’ve tried plenty of recipes in the past to use them up – and admittedly, they all seem to involve chocolate. Considering it’s Easter this weekend, I thought we’d have plenty of that to munch on already, so I’ve kept this one simple with just plain banana. The recipe is originally from BBC goodfood, and you can find it here, though I’ve changed the recipe quite a bit after reading some of the comments. It created a beautifully moist, light banana cake and this one tops my list of all I’ve tried so far. Happy baking!


Recipe adapted from BBC goodfood
Pre-heat oven to 160C
2 eggs
90g caster sugar
175g SR flour
1 tsp baking powder
3 mashed bananas
Line a 2lb loaf tin, Cream butter and sugar together, then slowly add the eggs and a little flour. Fold in the rest of the flour, baking powder and bananas. Pour into the tin, bake for 50-60 mins, until a skewer comes out clean.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Relax with Ocean


Relax with Ocean
A trip to Lymington

It’s important to take some time for ourselves, especially after the rush of the first few months of the New Year. Ocean Finance very kindly gifted me some money to have a relaxing day out.

I’ve been feeling rather stressed recently and not myself, and even though it’s difficult to push out of this, I find having a day out somewhere different can help tenfold. Lymington is a great place for us to go as a family and so we all met up and started with a good old English breakfast. We ambled down the high street, in and out of shops, browsing market stalls and stumbling upon a little garage tucked up a side street that was selling vintage pieces. Lymington is a seaside town and I wandered down the hill with my Dad to see the harbour. The winding street and uneven cobbles, the black and white signposts and the union jack made it feel like such a British day out! And, in typical fashion, the skies were grey and threatening, but luckily the rain held off.

After our little jaunt in the high street and a few purchases in the Oxfam bookshop sale, we headed back to the car and continued on to New Milton to a place called ‘Molly’s Den’. Molly’s Den have four vintage and antique emporiums on the south coast and I’ve been to most of them now – they’re essentially giant treasure troves of bits and pieces, both new and old. You’ll never know what you’ll find and each one is different and I’m always excited to explore. It reminds me of a car boot but in a sort of jumble sale fashion, with different areas and ‘stalls’ for traders selling everything from antique furniture to vintage clothing. It’s a great place to get lost and so easy to discover little treasures, like Aladdin’s Cave, but colder, I’d imagine! I left with a large pile of books (you can see my second-hand book haul over on instagram) so I was very happy – definitely made a dent in my ‘to-read’ list! After a decadent hot chocolate in the cafe, we decided to head on home with a detour at a garden centre. It wouldn’t be a British day out with family without a trip to a garden centre now would it?! There’s something very nostalgic about it, as well as being a great place to take photos and a chance to see that Spring is well on its way now. Then it was back to my parents where we spent a relaxed afternoon enjoying each other’s company, before indulging in a Chinese takeaway for dinner.

I loved having a relaxing day out with my family – good food and good company is always a winner. Though the stresses of everyday life and work don’t go away, it’s important to try and balance it out with days where you can remove yourself and forget about the worries for a little while. I had such a nice day and it definitely helps my outlook if I head outside and spend some time with loved ones. Ocean Finance’s philosophy is to take the stress out of everyday life, so thank you Ocean – I did just that.