Monday, 19 April 2010

Monday is a Sewing day

Well, today it is. I had to get my machine out to fix some of my sisters jumpers so I thought I should catch up on my Sew-to-do list. (I am always, always mending my sisters tops! If you get the cheap vest tops that come in a pack of three from Peacocks, we have found that the hem always comes undone and all the thread hangs down! If you zig zag all the way around the bottom, it should stop this :))

I had to get some cotton out, I have two drawers full of the stuff. I am a bit ashamed of my little cotton drawers. I really should keep it in better nick. The poor things unwind and tangle up. I decided to sort it out, don't worry, they are much neater now :) Heres a before and after:

I doubt it will stay like that for long though, I will have to mess it up next time I go scrambling for a specific colour!

Anyway, one of the other tasks on my Sew-to-do list was to make a drawstring bag to hold some things for my Mum. I saw the sweetest book in London a few months back, but I withheld myself from buying it ( it was a wee bit expensive) So after I got my bonus (woohoo!) I decided to "splash out' and buy it on Amazon, if you can call £6 a splash out!!

Aronzi Aronzo - Lets make cute stuff -  really is the sweetest book. I adore the little illustrations throughout, it is easy to follow and the appliqué really makes my heart sing! My Mum chose a brown material so I just had to embroider these cheeky little monkeys up the side!

I have put it away where it belongs for now, I wonder when she will find the little monkeys! Or as it corrects me in the book (They're called Munkys not Monkeys!!) I cant wait for her to realise the extra effort I put in, she thinks it is just a plain brown bag. How boring! I hope this will brighten up her day!

In other non-related news, my Dad managed to get a copy of Rosetta Stone! Hopefully I will be able to do it often, and soon I hope to be fluent in French! I know a little already, but I hope this will broaden my vocabulary and grammar :) My goal is to be able to have little secret conversations in French with my sister who is living in Rue! Have any of you had any experience with learning a language with Rosetta? I have heard mixed reviews!

(Last image via Weheartit)