Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I am really tired but just wanted to update the blog before I go to bed!
Now, as you know from past posts, I do love the daily hot chocolate in the evening. But the mug is too hot for me to warm my hands whilst I drink, and I burn them! So today I took my new crochet skills and makes a little mug sleeve! It fits around and buttons up under the handle.
Pattern Here
I am quite proud of it, I think it is sweet and I tested it tonight and I didn't burn my hands ;) Tomorrow I will add a pattern if anybody is interested! I found a few tutorials on the net but they were for knitting (I didnt feel my knitting mojo today) and the crochet tutorials I did find were okay, but I decided to make my own. Its not perfect, but thats what makes it handmade, right? :)
Also, I did a couple of new Life Journal pages today. My dreams and a little drawing. The girl was referenced from Glamour, the June issue.
See you tomorrow!

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  1. i need one of those mug cozy's right now! my hands are getting burnt on my cup of tea. my mum is on a crochet craze at the moment, i might slip your pattern to her and highly suggest she gets to work making it! thanks for sharing it :)