Thursday, 27 May 2010

Favourite Pages yet!

Hey guys, I couldn't stay away too long, I am excited to show you my next pages!
Here is a spread about secrets and events last year
And here is my favourite double page spread! I wanted to do a layout about my room, where i work and sleep, but when I took photos, I found they woudnt fit on a double page spread. I wanted them all in a line, so I made a foldout page!
I used poster paint, salmon and blue and white, which is a combination I wouldnt usually put together but did so on a spur of the moment thing! I stamped the pages with an intricate hand carved stamp I won in a textiles competition last year, with white paint. I glued down the photos and added my journalling and doodles :) I am so pleased with these pages! I feel like this journal is becoming my own, inspirational and personal book that I can be proud of. Lots more paint to come I can assure you :)
I glued down two pieces of cardboard at the edge of the pages that met in the middle, after I taped the extra pages on to the others with masking tape (this way I could paint over it easily). After I had finished, I tied it up with a piece of wool
I have a very busy weekend ahead of me which consists of working, travelling, partying and BBQ! So not all bad, but I don't think I will have time to journal!
Here is a WIP page which I hope to do Saturday afternoon after work, so hopefully you will here from me then!
Have a great weekend guys,


  1. Oh wow, that fold out page is the coolest! I love how it's art journal plus scrapbook plus writing all in one...very cool!

  2. Love your pages!! Thanks for commenting on my blue-haired gal. :-) Great blog, I'll be back--we journal girls need to stick together. :-) Peace

  3. Thanks! And no problem, we will definately stick together! :D

  4. oh, theyre so pretty!
    you've inspired me- i think i need to start an art journal now!

  5. Your journals are FAB! I so admire them and you: your blog is wonderful. Thank you for your kind comment, Kristin xo

  6. Your journals are beyond creative. Very impressive stuff!

  7. Thankyou for all your kind comments! I cannot wait to create another journal page again :)
    Taylah, I do recommend it! It is a great relaxing activity and very rewarding, I look forward to you starting your art journal, I hope you do! :)

  8. Oh my goodness your pages are insanely amazing!!! I mean amazing!! I can't wait to see more!!
    love love love