Sunday, 23 May 2010

It begins!

I started my Life Journal today! I need to redo the cover because it is an old sketchbook I found in a box under my bed and has Hedwig on the front! It is about A5 in size. For the first page, I used black ink but I found it went through the paper (its quite thin) which I was quite worried about. I had to glue and tape two pages together but I like this effect. Luckily it takes paint well so I shall use that for most of the pages.
Dont forget to click the photos to see them bigger!
Page one explains my intentions and is a little intro to the book using pen and ink. I used gouache for the ochre wash. I added some little sketches at the bottom of myself. Whenever I sketch I always deem them a bit rubbish, but as this book is going to be relaxing and truthful, I am just going to draw straight in to it and not worry about the outcome.

Page two is an introduction about myself. My age, my marital status and other little facts! I glued on a little pressed flower I found when I was walking through a park.

The next page I have started is acrylic paint based and I have also added a little sewing border. I will show you this tomorrow, hopefully. Hope you enjoy these!
I also did a bit of shopping yesterday and brought a new outfit, some black dolly shoes, a black belt and a lovely dainty white dress. All in all, it looks quite 1950's flapper style! Especially because I had my hair in a bun and I wore a little headband with a rose on it :)
Shoes - £9.99 from Shoe Zone
Dress - £5 would you believe it! In the mid-season sale at Republic reduced from £26.99!! What a bargain :D
Belt - £5 from New Look
Surprise, nothing is from Primark! :P

I also wanted to show you a peek of my delicious and healthy lunch I had! I was pleased with it! Sausage and ham salad! (I had a few sausages left over from the BBQ I had with friends)
See you tomorrow! Katie xoxo


  1. yay! these are amazing! i love the first page SO MUCH. :D

  2. Eee! Thankyou very much! :D