Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Mad Hatter

Here is my painting, of the Mad Hatter from Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland, finally finished!
The next painting I do, I will have to count the hours I work on it, because I have no idea how long this took me, and it would have been interesting to know. I can't even guesstimate! Silly me!
Anyway, I am quite pleased with it. I am not happy with the face shape and mouth, but as you know I am sure, an artist is there biggest critic. It looks much better in real life than the scan, but what doesnt?!
Here it is, hope you enjoy. Acrylics and Gouache on A3.
Finished 10-05-10
I also took progress shots as I did it, here they are!:
Once again, click the photos to see them big!


  1. i think this is amazing! i love seeing your progress shots also : )

  2. This is true talent !
    The work of a fine artist, beautifully shared with each step of progress along the way.
    Who wouldn't smile at the happy colors and patterns.
    Love it !

  3. omg waw i love ypur page its so cute just makes me smile!! youre so talented i <3 your paintings and everything :D!!! xXx