Monday, 24 May 2010


Hey guys! I did three life journal pages today. They are quick but they mean something.
Eek its a bit pink!! :P
(this is my favourite)
I really like the stitching around the edge as a border, which was inspired by a journal page I saw over at Lil Blue Boo.
The cut out of 'Life is good' is inspired by Kim Smith.
Yesterday was so hot, about 25 degrees and today its meant to be 28! I don't mind, I got to wear one of my lovely summer dresses and my straw hat :) I did get a little bit of sunburn on my shoulders but not as bad as my sister, who has got lobster legs!!
I had to cut down a tree in the garden, so I was outside working in my bikini sawing away, and then I had to chisel out the stump. When I was done, I walked back up the garden and dropped the mallet on my toe! What a numpty! It is now blue and grey and possibly broken!? Haha silly me!
Anyway, here is my outfit!

Im not sure where my dress was from, I think it was Goldstone, for £18
Hat - £2.50 from Primark
Sunglasses - £2 from Primark

Ooh in other news, today I ordered Spilling Open by Sabrina Ward Harrison from Amazon, and it should arrive some time this week :) I am excited!
Hope your weekend was fun!
Katie xoxo


  1. Those pages are awesome, love your stitching! Cute outfit!

  2. That stitching is awesome!! I keep thinking I'll start journaling again but I never get around to it!! Super cute dress too!! :)

  3. Thank u for visiting my blog, Katie. I like the pictures in the journal and the bird cages.