Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mug Sleeve Pattern

Here is the pattern, as promised for the mug cosy. It was basically a pattern I whipped up quickly by eye, so I'm not sure how precise it will be for all the other mugs out there! Mine is tight enough not to fall off so I chained 40 stitches. The mug I use slopes outwards, so I increased stitches every row. For a better aesthetic look, you could increase every other and reduce the amount of double crochet rows after, but its up to you. If you have a straight mug that doesn't slope outwards, test the chain you start with to make sure it fits around snugly (don't forget to leave a space for the handle)  and don't increase rows. This pattern is rough, and a basic outline, so feel free to make any changes and link back! :)
Mug Sleeve

Materials: Yarn, crochet hook, button, embellishments.
Skill Level: Beginner

Ch 40
Row 1 dc in second chain from hook and in each remaining chain across - 39 dc.
Row 2 Ch 1, turn, [dc in first sc, 2 dc in next sc], repeat to end
Row 3 Ch 1, turn, dc in each dc, repeat to end
Repeat row 3 until desired height, (Mine was 3 rows of dc altogether, including Row 3)
Row 6 Ch 1, turn, sc in each dc, repeat to end
Row 7 Ch 1, turn, dc in each sc, repeat to end
Row 8 Sl St in first sc of previous row

Button hole (this varies on size of button)
Ch 10
Row 1 sc in second chain of hook and in each remaining chain - 9 sc
Row 2 Sl st in first sc of previous row
Sew onto sleeve at appropriate height to fit in between the handle.
Line up sleeve on mug and sew button in place, the opposite end of the button hole
Embellish your sleeve however you like! I added a simple heart bead onto the middle of my sleeve :)
If you make your own mug sleeve or have any alteration/improvements or questions on the pattern, please don't hesitate to make a comment on this post!
I'll be back later to show you my journal pages for today
Katie xoxo

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