Friday, 18 June 2010

Cotton Reels

Hello to all my lovely followers :)
I have decided to do a weekly post (probably on a Sunday) to show you all my Journal pages for Janel's 30 day journal challenge, instead of posting one a day. So on Sunday you will be able to see all my pages for week one. I do continue to post them daily on my Flickr though. I want to change my journal style a bit for this one, I am not pleased with some of the recent pages I have done, and I really want to feel proud of it. I think I will stick to plan biro and paper, and doodle simply rather than try too hard. :)

So, today, I wanted to show you one of my university projects I completed before christmas. We were given an object, and much to my delight, I got a cotton reel. I was very happy with this project, it combined my love for sewing as well as graphic design! I also got a first with it, and it was great to see my hard work paid off. The final piece, a pillow case, took way too many hours!!
I hope you all enjoy it! Here are some of my favourite pages:
Painted with acrylics and outlined in black pen
Sewn words into the paper
My photos of various cottons from my Grandma
This little chest of drawers was an heirloom I was given
A try of stop motion animation of unwinding cotton
And a more detailed try
For this one, I glued thread on a page to make the pictures
Extremely fiddly!
This is the final piece. I embroidered the stop motion I did on to the pillow case
Here it is flat. The red thread entwining all the pieces of the patchwork represent a chinese belief that a red thread connects those who belong to eachother (like soulmates)
And close up. For the reels, I used chain stitch and for the thread, stem stitch
On the back, I embroidered a poem. I made a 'secret language' which I developed from my experiments of reverse embroidery :)
Ok guys, sorry it is so image heavy! But I hope you have enjoyed looking at my project!
If you have any questions, I don't mind answering! Just send me a little comment :)
Have a great weekend! I am off to the pub tonight to watch the England game!


  1. love your work! so awesome! you're really talented!:)

  2. wow this is amazing!!!!! I absolutely adore everything.. You are one talented lady!!!Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Your art is totally awesome! I worked for my school's Graphic Design dept. all last year and was always so amazed by all of the student art work...I feel the same way after looking at your work, too! Cool blog and the 30 day journal challenge sounds neat too!

  4. Your project is so beautiful! It definitely deserves the highest marks.

  5. Oh wow, this is so awesome! I love the embroidery especially.