Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Day 2

Hello to my lovely followers!
Yesterday I was tagged by Eleanor, over at Unfamiliar Ceiling to answer some questions, so here they are! :)
1. What is your absolute favorite kind of cupcake?
(Image from Google)
I loovee simple little fruit cakes, and fairy cakes too :)
2. What are the little details that can make you fall in love with a pattern or garment? 
I love anything feminine or dainty, ruffles, bows, lace!
3. What do you find is your #1 most useful sewing/crafting tool that may not be an incredibly obvious one (such as a seam ripper)?
Hm, I would say the most useful is my pin cushion! It was made by my Grandma and given to me when I was about 11, in a little sewing box (I'll have to take some photos to show you guys!) I use it to hold my needles too so I would be no where without it!
4. What’s your favorite place to find inspiration online?
I always go to my blogger home page to get inspiration, I follow SO many blogs! There is a whole list on my blogger profile :)
5. If you could spend a day with a character from any film or television show, who would it be and why?
I would love to spend a day with Sue Sylvester! Haha I love her! Did anyone see the Glee Finale? So sweet who she voted for! (I wont give it away if you havent seen it :P)
6. Name one of your guilty pleasures
Hmm, probably Ben and Jerrys Ice cream. I could eat a whole tub by myself, but I try to be good!
7. What craft are you dying to learn?
I would love to learn how to bind a book by hand properly! Does that count?
8. What is your motto or favorite saying?
Goodness, i have so many. I'll tell you what, I will do a post with some of my many favourite sayings soon for you all :)
Thanks for the tag Eleanor, that was fun! Images from Flickr, unless otherwise stated.

Okay, so it's Day 2 of Janel's Journal Challenge! Todays prompt:
Journal Prompt Number 2: What is the BEST part of your day?
Is it working out?
Is it "quitting time" at work?
Is it dinner with the fam?
What is it?
You can write about it, draw it, sketch it, doodle it, anything you like!
I went with a simple page today. I found it kind of difficult to pick out the best part of my day, there are so many little things I love. I narrowed it down to two, but this one was easier to draw! Haha! I do love to do a bit of yoga at the end of my day, and I also love it when the little boys my Mum looks after come into my room every morning to wake me up :)
Hope you like my page and are having a FAB day!!
Cuddles to you all!


  1. hi katie! i love your journal pages, i love that little computer banner, i love your blog! thanks for leaving me a comment so that i found you :)

  2. I love your page and OH MY GOSH I would totally want to hang out with Sue Sylvester too!!! She is awesome!!! I watched the finale and cried like a baby!!!!!