Thursday, 8 July 2010

The big reveal

So the project I have been working on is called Sugar Patch Dolls!
They are of course, paper dolls! I was looking around, and most paper dolls I have seen are quite old fashioned with their clothing choices and so my idea for the Sugar Patch dols are to use current fashion, or even styles straight off the catwalk!
I have been trawling through street style blogs* and finding inspiration from these. I wanted to create dolls that are of today. I have 4 different body templates lined up to create clothes for, and this week I created sheets using two. 
* I would include a card to come with doll linking all the sites I used :) 
 They are, of course, prototypes, and one was successful, the other not so much! I love the new one (below), which I have not shown on my blog yet, but unfortunately the other one (which I took photos for for the sneak peek post) did not work so well! The scan is fine, but when I printed it out on to card to cut up and play with, it came out terrible! The colours were far too light and patchy! These were printed on a laser printer, so perhaps when I fix my inkjet, I shall try it on that and hope for the best!
You can see on the doll below, I used stronger colours and didn't water down the paint too much.
 Be sure to click the photo to make it bigger!
The other, more curvaceous doll, scanned and printed fine, although some of the details have been lost, but as I said, these are prototypes at the moment. I have had such fun creating these this week, I have big plans! I want to create set lines, such as dolls with a summer wardrobe, or winter, and special themed costumes too!
Some pointers that came up with the prototypes is hair. I think for the finals, I will create dolls with hair that is painted on to the doll and not have cutouts to attach to the head as I have done here. I found they were way to fiddly and to make sure it attached to the head, I could only use one little tag, which meant it was very wobbly, and certainly not suitable for play. As much as I liked creating and experimenting with the different hairstyles, I don't think it will be practical, especially not for little girls to play with! Again, I will have to do further experimentation with this because if the hair flows down to the the shoulders, it would limit the tags for the clothes on the shoulders, so the hair styles I can put on the dolls may be limited too!
Other than that, I think the dolls will be successful after a few minor adjustments :) I really like the idea of creating paper dolls and am really excited to create them with modern and trendy clothes! I have some more ideas in the pipeline, such as getting photographs from people who I could create dolls for using the reference photo to make it look like them and also if someone sends me a photo of their outfit, (such as my outfit posts I posted earlier in the year) I could create clothes based on that! I think it would be cool if a little girl had a doll wearing clothes just like theirs!
The dolls and the clothes especially, are very detailed which isn't a problem on the main piece, but it did mean the outer shape was a little difficult to cut out. I used a craft knife to cut mine out, so this may be problematic for young girls. I was thinking of cutting them out myself and then packaging them up already cut out to sell, which although would increase workload, it would be easier? Please let me know your ideas!
Of course, in the future I do have plans to sell these once all the details are smoothed out and I have more designs created! But in the meantime, I would really appreciate any feedback I can get! Please tell me if you think this is a good idea, to create dolls with current trends and fashions, or not! I dont know if these would sell or anything, (please let me know if its something you would be interested in buying!), but this is a future idea and as it is my first venture in to the potential business world, I would appreciate market feedback :) And perhaps you could spread the word around about my idea, so I can get a whole range of ideas and help, because the more the merrier :)

If you have read all of this, you are a saint! Thank you so much to my followers and commenters for my continuing source of inspiration and love from you here on my blog! I would appreciate it so much if you help me out on this little venture of mine :)
Love to you all!
P.S Its my birthday tomorrow! :D Special post with beautiful pictures to come :)


  1. Katie, these are fantastic truly.
    I have a project I want to do using paper dolls in the near future, (just not yet, no funds), so I will look you up then.
    Love love love!

  2. these are fabulous.. i dont know what shape i am.... is that weird? I kinda think im boyish but im not skinny... at all... possibly rectangular and 6'0 tall!! Its my mums birthday today and mines on saturday wooo! birthdays all round! Cancerians are the best :p xo

  3. So you have designed those cute things yourself? That is awesome!! I was crazy about dress up paper dolls when I was a kid.

    Way to go, girl! XOXO

  4. These are lovely! It is great that you are including a variety of body types and skin colors. My daughter is too old for paperdolls, but if she were younger I would buy a set.

    I think that if they are going to be tricky to cut out, it would be better to have them pre-cut in the package. Perhaps you could offer them cut or uncut and charge more for the cut version. For some moms, it's worth the extra cost to have them ready to go.

    Good luck!

  5. These are brilliant! Using different body types/sizes is a fantastic idea!

    Have a lovely birthday!!


  6. Oh my gosh! These are so cute. I like that you included different body types!

  7. Awesome idea! they are adorable(:

  8. katie B proud of what u created! U R truly an original :) happy birthday 2 u

  9. These are cool! I remember having something similar when I was little (:
    Happy birthday for tomorrow!

  10. Very cute. Love the clothes you made for them! Great job!! :)

  11. i remember playing with paper dolls when i was a little girl, you have done such a great job with your designs!

    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, just read you are studying Graphic Design - I studied that too and now I'm happy to say I'm a full-time working Graphic Designer! keep your eye on your dreams no matter what! :)

    Come by for a visit again or follow!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  12. These are fantastic! I love the idea of different body types and the option to personalize with a favorite outfit. I don't think I've ever seen paper dolls whose hair styles could be altered. It's too bad the hair is such a hassle because it look great.

  13. i think this is an awesome idea!