Sunday, 25 July 2010

George's Sweater

Hello to my lovely followers!
Sorry about the lack of posts recently, I havent really been doing anything creative, I need to get my urge back I think! I have, as promised, crocheted George a little sweater :)
Aw, I think he looks even cuter :) In the photos you can see more of the wool I used to make him, which was a brown with flecks of colour throughout. I did make George a little pair of dungarees with blue wool too, but it didn't look right and I prefered George without them.
I have started a new crochet project using this pattern here to make a panda (so cute!), and I cant wait to see how it turns out :)
I should be back sometime in the week with a life journal page.
Hope your weekends are going well!
Love Katie
P.S I finished the Harry Potter series today, I forgot how much I loved those books (and also, how much I had forgotten the first time round!)


  1. oh my goodness Georges sweater is too cute!!! I can't wait to see the panda you make!!! I am in love already!!! <3

  2. Hey! I just found your blog.

    George is super cute! And the sweater too.. Im excited to see the journal pages :)
    Lots of hugs

  3. I love that panda pattern! I am HAVE to try it!

  4. hahahah this is absolutely adorable, you can't help but smile looking at that picture(:

  5. totally adorable! I wanna do something like that too! :)

  6. Your bear is too cute. gaaaah :) oh, and can you knit life size clothes as well? Panda xx
    + thanks for the sweet comment, very much appreciated!

  7. this is too cute! what magazine did you get the pattern from?

  8. Thanks guys! And no Panda, I am too scared to knit life size clothes! Such a huge project, I like little things :)