Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Little Treat

Unfortunately, I didnt find much to buy when I went shopping today, although I did manage to get half an outfit from H&M and a really pretty necklace from Primark.
And seen as I didnt spend much money on clothes, I decided to treat myself and bought a Digital SLR!
My Dad found this bargain on Ebay, Im so lucky! Its a Pentax K100D Super. I feel excited to try this out, I really want to improve my photography skills. Hopefully in my second year of university I will get some projects that involve photography because it has inspired me to really try and go all out with any photography chances I get. Last year I felt that perhaps I didnt try enough, I got a good grade but I didnt go the extra mile, as in, I didnt do much for it! I want to do something adventurous with this little baby!!
I am thinking of giving it a name, any ideas? :)
Hope your week is going well!
Love, Katie


  1. The necklace is gorgeous :)
    So jealous of your new DSLR! MY dad is a bit obsessed with ebay at the moment, I might have to send him on a mission to find me a camera too haha.

  2. omg that necklace is sooooooo cute! i want one hahaha how much was it?!