Monday, 12 July 2010

The weekend

So I had such a wonderful birthday weekend, turning the big one eight. Thankyou for all your sweet birthday messages!
I spent it laughing and relaxing and eating and singing with my friends and family. I feel entirely blessed and spoiled and lucky.
On the day of my birthday I went bowling with my friends, then we came back home with to open presents and have a BBQ (even better, my Mum got a piñata!! So fun :D)
Poor Piñata didnt have a chance!
That evening, we also went clubbing, and I had a jolly old time singing along with all my might to the retro disco tunes!
I did wake up with a sore throat, but not a sore head :)
On the Saturday I bakes some cakes for the family Bbq, which, by the way, went way more smoothly than the Dalek Cake!
Butterfly Cakes
Mini Fruitcakes
On the Sunday, we had another BBQ, (yes we love them!) with my family. The British weather has been lovely and we did wonder if it would last, so I am thankful that it did! The rest of this week does not seem so lucky! I am planning on going shopping with my birthday money on Wednesday so I hope I can come back and show you all my new clothes very soon.
Hope you had a lovely weekend! I will be back tomorrow with a new Outfit post :) See you then!
P.S I will show you the round-up of the weekly journal challenge pages tomorrow as well, because it is the last day of the challenge


  1. did u make the butterfly cakes & fruit cakes? they look yum! dancing 2 retro disco is my idea of a good time. glad u had a fabulous birthday. cuz ur an adult now, yippee :P

  2. it sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend! happy late birthday!!

  3. Looks like you had a great birthday!! Your fairy cakes look awesome! Glad the weather stayed good for you! We've been having lots of BBQs too =) yay for sunny british weather! haha.

  4. Aaaw looks like YOU had a fabby birthday too....Unfortunately I am just a wee bit older than your youth cos before you know it you will be my age and wondering where all the years