Monday, 9 August 2010

Bad blogger!

Oh dear me, I have become a bad blogger! Sorry about that, inspiration has been lacking!
But I found these old guide badges yesterday and thought some of you may find this interesting!
I also though of Lindsay from Pixies and Bears, who makes wonderful badges in her Etsy shop :)
Okay here they are!
These were collected in a period of 4 years maybe? I have a terrible memory.. but these are badges from when I used to belong to Girl Guides. Its just like Girl Scouts in America.
Sorry about the bad lighting in this photo!
1. Actually this isnt anything to do with guides, I just found it in the same box! My Senior Prefect badge from School.
2. Difficult to see Im afraid! This was a Patrol Leader badge. I was in charge of a group of about 6 girls.
3. A Patrol Second badge. I got this before I was a leader, and basically was in charge if the PL was away.
3. I got this from Brownies, which is like guides, but for girls aged 7-10. This was pinned to keep my sash together :)
4 +7. These are badges I got for completing Guide Challenge Years 1+2. You got this award by completing lots of tasks, like attending fundraisers, going on camps, being in plays and helping out in the community.
5. You get this badge when you enrol in brownies! I have a picture lying around somewhere I think, of when I was 7 getting enrolled :) I'll have to try and find it to show you!
6. And you get this badge for enrolling in Guides (Age 10-14)
8. Puffins! This was what my group was called :) My guides was quite small, and made up of 4 groups of us.
Next up are the badges you got when completing a specific challenge. Guides are awarded these and then you sew them on to blankets or pillows to take and show others when you go camps and such :)
These are my girl guide badges, I dont know where my brownie ones got to!
Sitting on the end of my bed :)
 These badges I never got round to sewing on! But I am thinking of putting them in to my life journal. I have a couple of pages to show you this week!
Okay guys! Hope you may have found this post interesting! If you have any questions about any badges just ask me :) Hope you are having a fantastic start to the week!


  1. look at all of your badges! i only lasted a day in the girl scouts (too shy) so no badges for me!

    xo erin

  2. I was a girl guides too! cool! I still remember the song that they sing during Thinking Day (22 Feb right?)! :)

  3. These are so cute! I Love badges, I used to collect them - but i switched to collecting ducks now (: You might wanna check out my blog, I got back from devon, and I've done a new post. + Thanks for your lovely comment, sorry for the late reply... I'm so busy! Panda xxx