Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Holiday Clothes

First I must apolgise for the rather rubbish qulaity of these photos. The room in our hotel was pretty dark so you cant really see the detail all that well!
Anyway, here they are!
This beautiful dress was in the New Look sale for £5! I love it, I've worn it again already but with thick black tights. I'm going to wear all my dresses much more, I always seem to wait for warmer weather but lets be honest, thats not going to happen in England right now! So I'll wear them with tights, leggings or skinny jeans :)
The bracelets were from New Look as well, for £3.
I also bought another dress in a sale in a shop called Raw in Cardiff. Its beautiful and such a bargain! Ill share that tomorrow :)
Love this shirt/dress! Picked it up in George from Asda for £12. I wore it with black skinnies and some beautiful new boots from Matalan. Ill take a better picture sometime where you can see the details!
 Not sure if I've shared this dress before already, but I picked it up in Primark a while back. The white leggings were from Peacocks, which reminds me, I bought some lovely floral shoes from there which I must share soon!
My photos really havent done the outfits justuce, Ill try to get better ones asap :)!
Love from the rainy south coast
(P.S I'm blogging everyday this week, and working on some D.I.Y tutorials!)


  1. Very cute! I love the prices too :)
    I think that little black dress is my fav.

  2. katie my fav is the black & white checkered. super cute! i luv fashion........