Saturday, 14 August 2010


I am so so sorry about my lack of posts here on my little neglected blog! I have not felt like I have had anything worth while to post :( But I am off on holiday with my family tomorrow so hopefully I will come back revitalised and my creative energy recharged, with lots of photos to show you! I plan to do alot of shopping and drawing, my goodness I dont draw enough nowadays! I also want to take some photos of my holiday outfits while I'm there so I'll post them when I get back!
Here are some beautiful holiday photos from Weheartit
I sure wish we were going somewhere like this, but we are off to Wales and its meant to rain alot! :( But I hope to do lots of shopping and try out my slr in the big wide world!
I've been working on a painting this week too, but I will have to finish it when I come home. Heres a sneak peek:

See you all in a week!
P.S I also want to redesign my little blog while I'm away ;)


  1. the third and fifth pictures are jaw dropping good. Now that you have retured from the holidays, i guess, did you take any similar cool shots of the beach yourself?

    and emma's painting's amazing.
    I'm desperately waiting to see the final version.

  2. Haha oh I wish! Unfortunately I didn't get to go to a beach on holiday! But these are pictures of my dream holiday, I would so love to go to a tropical beach :)
    And thankyou so much :)