Sunday, 22 August 2010


I am back from our family holiday feeling inspired, refreshed and energised, ready to start creating as soon as possible. It was a good week, but I am glad to be home. The last few days it was unfortunately dull and raining, and we came back home, where it is... dull and raining! But there is nothing I love more than to create inside safe and warm when there is a storm outside.
 [via weheartit]
I want to share some of my holiday snaps with you this week as well as some of the outfits I wore. I also bought a lot of new clothes and shoes, which I cant wait to show you guys!
I have been very inspired to get back into 12 x 12" scrapbooking. I feel daunted by the big page and I am never happy with the layouts I make so I am going to create it more like my life journal. I think it will be interesting to create, experimenting with a large format will push my boundaries and it is out of my comfort zone, so I am excited to start :) I will of course share my progress with you!
I bought some old reference books from charity shops too, and I plan to cut them up to include on my pages and create a decoupage/collage feel. I also picked up the most beautiful vintage flower book which I'd like to show you.


  1. Welcome back! That's too bad it was dull and raining towards the end, but I know what you mean about liking to just cuddle up inside when it is storming! I just don't like it when it thunders because it scares my dog SO much. I'm excited to see what you got, and the new things you will be creating! :)

  2. the umbrella and the bokeh lights look amazing. Im the sort of person who loves rain. maybe cos' I live in such dry sunny place as south asia.

    We only have downpours from monsoon here, i envy you :P