Sunday, 1 August 2010


Some more life journal pages I did last month (wow I cant believe its August!)
I really like the black page. This was created after a peaceful journey home driving at night. I love the contrast of the white and black! The photo was from Flickr. The page on the right is an insert which I will attach as an added page. I printed it from Ahhh Design (the template is on there) and then coloured it with paints and wrote on top.
Hope you are having a good weekend! I am hoping to get my creative mojo back soon!
Love, Katie xoxo


  1. you are so creative with those journals, otuside the box and so amazing!!

  2. those journal pages are amazing! <3 I love the style of the black page. :)

  3. I really like this spread, especially the black page! I'm gonna go check out that site and see what they have!

  4. Your pages do look really great!!
    I would love to do something like this, but I don't think i would be able to stick to it every day!
    i am really tempted to do this project though...just because the book would go around a few places in america.

  5. That book is so cute! I love how home-made, and so personal it is. I love love love it. Will you make me one? :) + Thanks for the comment, it was very sweet. I just did another post, If you wanted to check it out.. Hows your summer going?
    Panda xx

  6. these are wonderful and have inspired me to jazz up my journal a bit more! x

  7. thank you for your lovely comment, you made my day! :)

    I love these journal pages, they're gorgeous. keep up the good work, you've inspired me!