Sunday, 29 August 2010

Little Red

I want to do more outfit posts because I have realised I am starting to follow more and more fashion blogs, and fashion is a big passion of mine :) I want this blog to be an outlet for my creativity, so its sort of a fashion/art/textiles/design blog! I couldn't create just a fashion blog, I feel like most of my outfits and a lot of my clothes aren't anything special but it is something I am passionate about, and want to share it with you along with everything else! So I hope you look forward to more fashion orientated posts in the future :)

Black thick tights - Primark
White skirt - Passed down from my sister, Matalan
White top - Peacocks
Red Cardigan - Primark
Black Bracelets - New Look
Red gingham belt
Im going bowling later and then work tomorrow, and this week I want to try and make a Peter Pan collar. If all goes well, I'd like to share a tutorial for that!
We'll see :)
Have a happy Sunday,


  1. oo i love this outfit, definitely do more outfit posts! really adore your blog :) x

  2. WOW, great outfit! I didn't even notice you were wearing a skirt/shirt, I thought it was a dress. The gingham belt was a beautiful addition to this outfit! :)

  3. That outfit is great. I love the little red sweater and belt!

  4. Adorable outfit and also your blog is really,really cute !

  5. ooh how sweet look :)you look very innocent and sweet :)exactly like a little red riding hood:)

  6. nice combination between red and white :)

  7. I like the redesign. And this outfit is cute. Love the white dress!

  8. lovely gingham belt there me dear! anything gingham is a HUGE win in my book! x