Monday, 13 September 2010

I'll take everything

Hello! here is the jewelery space saver I was talking about yesterday. Such an easy creation and it stops all my necklaces and bracelets getting tangled up in drawers :)
I have an odd window in my room that isnt actually on the outside of the house (stupid builders!) so its sort of a wasted space as it doesnt let any light in as its behind my door! At least now, I can finally put it in good use :)
 Sorry the pictures are so dark! We cut two bits of wood which are screwed to the surround and attached hooks along it :)
Hope you like this space saver! Its very practical, at least now I can just grab a necklace instead of spending hours untangling it!


  1. katie i love it! that's so clever, but cute 2.

  2. I need something like this too, my necklaces are in a Red or Dead box which my glasses came in! They get tangled up all the time!
    Bhav x

  3. :O This is perfect, I wish I had somewhere to hand all my jewellery up! I'm forever searching drawers and trying to untangle things

    L x
    Half Dressed

  4. No wonder, the darkness gave all pictures another dimension. They look so fairy tale sort, believe me.

  5. This is such a great idea! Looks lovely. (:

  6. Now I want a window like that! It's like a work of art. Better than a beaded curtain. I have some long necklaces hanging on an antique mirror I don't really "use". But I love you window!

  7. I love this, such a brilliant idea, all my jewellery is always tangled up! xxx