Sunday, 5 September 2010

My voice a beacon in the night

Happy Sunday to you all!
I hope my American followers are having a lovely Labour Day weekend!
I went to a carboot today, probably the last one because of the weather, and still managed to buy nothing!
I cleaned my room a bit and cleared out a whole lot of old art stuff. I have so many sketchbooks it is silly, but my old artwork makes me giggle! So now I have a big sack in my room ready for recycling. I also need to tackle my desk and hopefully clear some more space. I'm really inspired at the moment with interiors and I want to change my room into my dream bedroom. I am so inspired by the french country style and I already have a shopping list made up on ikea with pretty white furniture! I think I am going to pop some of those on my Christmas List. My furniture is breaking (too many clothes?!) and it would be a really good investment to buy some. I am mostly clearing my room so in the next few years when I am ready to move out, it wont be such a massive task! I think I might post some of my bedroom wants and pretty decorations I would fill my new ideal room with here on the blog.
I really want to get back in to drawing in sketchbooks. I was thinking of drawing some outfits and some collections from Zara for my paper dolls to show you and make it a weekly feature maybe.. I'll have to see how busy my university schedule is when I go back! I also really need to finish my Emma Watson painting, but Im not currently feeling the painting mood!
Bit of a ramble today! Hope you don't mind! :)


  1. Hey, its gonna be great if you update us with all the shopping, decorating and stuff stuff. Click the camera's shutter every instance :P you know the way the 'renovation' tv shows do. it'd be fun!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)

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  3. Looking lovely! And I enjoyed the "rambling" hehe. Quite an interesting post!

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by! Your rambling was very interesting actually. I have do some cleaning myself lol. Very nice blog by the way, I liked it, and you're very lovely :)


  5. I think you should nurture your talent of sketching. Don't lose what you already have!

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