Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Today I,
01. Want to show you the lovely find I picked up on my weekly Sunday trip to our local car boot. I hardly ever buy anything because I never seem to find much, but Im so glad I found this beautiful folding mirror. And on (probably) the last boot sale I'll be going to because the weather will be progressively getting worse.
This is its permanent place, until I get my new bedroom furniture :) The doll I made when I was 15 

It was a bit grubby but with a bit of love and elbow grease it looks perfect :)
02.  Have fallen in love with Regina Spektor
03. Feel so inspired to journal again, with thanks to the lovely Kara.
04. Making my room messy trying to clear things out and getting rid of suff I dont need.
05.  Chilling out before work watching Harry Potter.
I have not created in my journal for so long and I miss it a lot, so expect more arty posts very soon :)
Love, Katie xoxo


  1. i love journals! i have a diary, and i've done a blog entry before with photos of the pages. maybe i should do another one soon....


  2. That's such a fun mirror! I love the 3-way foldover.
    I've also started journaling a little more and it's such a nice outlet.

  3. Aww, the first picture is so adorably cute. Seriously, it is. I simply love your doll.

    By the way, you guys are making me fall in love with journaling. Guess what? I will probably give it a shot soon. Do check.

    Peace, XOXO

  4. aww that is such a cute and pretty little set up

  5. Love your journal! Great photos and blog! Following you now ;)