Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Apple Jack

                                      Grey Cardigan - H & M                                                Dress - Primark
Here is another outfit using the dress I picked up from Primark recently. Its very warm and wintery but I had to (and would suggest) wearing an extra layer underneath as the wooly material can be kind of itchy and irritated my skin! I paired it with a plan white tee, thick grey tights and a grey cardy.
I made video/vlog today which I may post about my journal. It is basically me just going through some of my material and books and also flicking through the pages. Would anyone be interested in watching it?


  1. Great outfit for the cold.
    I'd love to see your vlog.
    I've recently just started my own journal and got so much inspiration from the pictures you've posted.

  2. Thank you for the comment - I really like that dress too, but sadly, out of everything I've bought, it's probably the worst item on me :( So I'm considering maybe selling it on.. Dunno yet, we'll see!

    I'm glad you commented me, because now I've discovered your lovely blog I'm so following you :)

    I LOVE this outfit - possibly because grey is pretty much my favourite colour. And the fact it looks so cozy & wintery - gorgeous!


  3. Thanks for your comment. It's a very lovely Blog you have here!:) xx, Alice from bells and whistles
    Ps: I would be so glad if you want to follow my Blog :)

  4. Loving that outfit- Looks nice and cosy!

  5. Its a sweet dress, but a know how itchy the wooly material can be!

  6. Oh, I need to have something like this dress! It's awesome!