Friday, 8 October 2010

Five Things Friday - Random

Wow, its been a while since Ive done a FTF, Im so forgetful! This week are things that Ive been doing to fill the time

1- University work  * 2- Wearing dresses all week with cute bow tights  3- Playing Angry Birds all the time  4- Eating way too many of these  5- Drawing just for fun again :)

My week hasn't been too productive really! I have lots of work to do over the weekend, but I have the day off work tomorrow and I'm visiting my Grandma, so looks like Sunday is going to be busy!
Ooh, also, the video I made about my journal and the materials I use will be going up sometime soon hopefully! I am so shy about my voice and posting videos of myself! I also have an outfit post due of another lovely dress Ive worn in the cold English weather :)
 * One of my university projects is to create 5 statements about something you would like to reduce in the world to improve it! What would you do?
Hope your weekends are awesome! And welcome to my wonderful new followers!


  1. I love those tights! I'm always wearing mine, they're a good cold weather defence! Omnomnom, Fox's Shortcake Biscuits are just heaven! xxx

  2. Michelle - Yes tights are so good because Im cold all the time, and these are just so cute :) Haha tell me about it! I will put on so much weight this week because Ive found 2 packets in the cupboard! Haha! xoxo

  3. I love wearing tights too and of course, chocolate!:D

    I hope you get everything done this weekend.:D What to reduce? Greed and hatred!

    Happy Weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. I love your random drawings! I wish I could draw like that...

  5. mmmmm foxes biscuits. mmmm bow tights. these are lovely things to be filling your week with. If there was one thing I would want to reduce it would be unrecyclable materials. urgh I hate things that cant be recycled.

  6. I love your work so much! Soo so much, haha! I'm excited to see the video. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!