Sunday, 3 October 2010

Only Time

Hello! Sorry about my lack of posting, uni is in full swing now, the weather has been abysmal and I have lost my inspiration! Once again, it is raining and so the lighting isn't fab! But I really wanted to share this outfit with you guys. (These are some of the clothes I picked up last weekend)
 The tights look really dark but they are a maroony/plum colour and perfectly matches this oversized cardy I grabbed from my Mum. I went in to town again yesterday after work but I couldnt find a cardy this colour so I will steal my Mum's from now on as it matched the tights so well! I also was on the hunt for a thick winter brown coat, but all I saw were camel/grey/black! If anyone has seen a brown chocolate coloured coat let me know :)
Do you prefer this white background or the door (very top) for outfits?
Hope your Sunday is lovely! I'll just be staying in my cosy room listening to the rain and hopefully create something in my journal :)
Much loves!


  1. really like that maroon jumper
    even though its the colour of my old school uniform :)

    lovely blog

  2. w that outfit, the brown door background. i wish i could send some TX sunshine ur way. i have a choc brown coat sitting n my closet, collecting dust, (from the days when i lived n the place w the greatest snow on earth).i'm sure u'll find a lovely choc brown coat of ur own, the minute u stop looking. isn't that how it works?

  3. I love that shirt!
    It's easier to see the outfits against the door, but both backgrounds are nice.

  4. Fab outfit, looks comfy and warm, perfect for a miserable October day.

  5. Cute outfit and I love the color of your cardigan.:D

    I prefer the 2nd background, it shows off the details of your pictures more.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am your newest follower!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. That cardigans a lovely colour! :)