Sunday, 24 October 2010

Shine On

Hello my lovely followers! I am so so sorry about my absence recently, university work is absolutely insane and I have so much to share but so little time!
Here is an outfit post with photos I took before the mayhem started.
I've been pairing all my dresses with long sleeve tops underneath and thick tights :)
I have so much to show you guys, so hopefully I can find some spare moments to update and keep you all informed!
Thanks so much for sticking by me!


  1. those tights are to die for! thank you for your comment by the way, haha i love blogtv for that! i'll follow you, love ♥

  2. thanks for your comment, love the tights!


  3. Love that dress :)

  4. Gorgeous outfit and I love the tights! I'm doing the same thing at the min - lots of long sleeved tops, thick tights and scarves cos the weather has just gotten so unbelievably cold all of a sudden! :)

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    much love,

  6. that outfit is very cute, i also like layering long sleeve tops with summery dresses, great way to get more wear out of clothes. i just need more long sleeved tops now!

  7. Maddy - Thats my pleasure, and thanks so much!
    Kim - I love those tights, theyre so cute!
    HeartshapedBruise - Me too :) I think it was from Miss Butterfly!
    All made up - Definitely, its so much better than jeans and a warm top because I feel so much more lovely and more confident in it!
    Kitty - Cool, I am a shoe addict!
    Helen - I am always on the look out for long sleeved tops but Im quite picky as I only like low round neck ones! All I seem to find are high necks!

  8. Such cute tights!

    Thanks for stopping by , I'd love to see you among my followers!

    Keep in touch,

    Sarah XXXX!/burntheblonde

  9. I love that dress! And what a great idea to wear long sleeved shirts under dresses... too many of mine are just for the summer! I'm going to try and do that. :)

  10. Sarah - Thanks, they were really cheap from Primark too, and I was surprised at how thick and warm they are!
    Holly - I know, you definitely should! It lets me get so much more use out of my dresses :)

  11. That dress is too cute!