Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Cave

This is what deadlines do to me. I had a couple of assessments and deadlines these past couple of weeks, and when I have a lot of work to do, my room descends to chaos! Now, I'm not one to leave things till last minute (I worry wayy too much!) but I still manage to turn my room into mayhem.
It was all worth it though, because I got a first :) It was good to hear all my hard work paid off :) But thats not the end of it, I still have two more coming up!
So its just a little update today, I cannot wait until my three week christmas break! Tomorrow I'll do a five things friday related to all pretty things Christmas, or maybe Winter if I decide it's still a bit too early! I have a fashion/style related post coming up too (I just need to finish it!), comparing two different price ranges and achieving the same look, which I cannot wait to share with you guys :)
Hope your having a nice week, and if not, don't worry, its almost Friday!


  1. I love those pictures, you make untidiness chic! Maybe should should come and photograph my house. xxx

  2. i'm the opposite, when i have a deadline, my student house is spotless because i'll do anything to avoid it, i'm like "we haven't hoovered behind the fridge before, i MUST do it now"!

    looking forward to your next post :)

    with love xx

  3. It's not too bad! I manage to make a mess even without having deadlines, haha.

  4. Vintage Vixen - Haha thankyou! Wasnt very usefl when I couldnt get in my bed and i wanted to sleep! Haha!
    Net Voodle - Haha! Well your house must be sparkling, sounds like you do a good job, cleaning behind the fridge!
    Cherry Pullinger - Haha yes I suppose its not too bad, I can still see the floor! :P

  5. Oh, here in Argentina they generally teach British English, because, come on, it's the source! :) There's only one well-known and prestigious institute where they teach American English.

    I'd love to have a Scottish accent! But I'd look too weird trying to pull it off, haha. Imagine an Argentine/Japanese girl living in California speaking Scottish English! :P

  6. In reply to your comment:
    I'm also majorly excited for the film and am always envious of that damn Watson's looks!

    And haha, I know how you're feeling - my workload is major at the moment and I can't seem to control my room!

    would love for you to follow :)

  7. I don't have deadlines as an excuse for my room looking ten times worse!

  8. My room used to turn into mayhem like this when I had deadlines. Now I finished uni have no deadlines and no excuse for the mess... lol

    L x