Friday, 19 November 2010

Five Things Friday - Harry Potter

Oh my gosh. Finding all of these photos on Tumblr (and some from weheartit) was awesome! I kept reading reviews about how amazing the film was. I am a tiny bit apprehensive that I have such high hopes of the film that I might be disappointed and that it's not as good as I hoped. But only a tiny bit because I am sure it will blow my socks off! I am so excited, sorry to you girls out there who aren't HP fans! I am also a teeny bit jealous of all my friends and other people I know that they get to see it tonight! But I am making sure they text me after with how amazing it is :) I am seeing it Sunday night with my family (its tradition in our house!) and I absolutely cannot wait.
Hope you enjoyed the pics today!


  1. im so excited for harry potter! Im seeing in sunday :)



  2. Eee excited! I'm seeing it tonight at 7.30pm (: I can't even describe how happy I am that its finally here after SUCH a long wait! xxx

  3. I really want to see this, but I have no one to take with me!

  4. Enjoy it! I thought it was amazing :) I am so excited about the next part! Have a lovely weekend :) x

  5. you dont need to worry, its amazing.
    me and my friend who are both potter geeks had a lengthy conversation afterwards in which we probably said how amazing it was about 200 times :L
    and im seeing it again on sunday! enjoy it!
    oh and take some tissues, if you're anything like me you'll cry from start to finish :L
    elle @ noraspy

  6. my sister and mum went to see it today they said it was amazing, I really want to see it now! X

  7. oh i can't to see this film next week. i have just bought the first 6 to get through before then

  8. I can't wait to see this too, I remember reading the book in 9 hours and being desperate for the film!

  9. I've heard nothing but good things about it so far! People all seem really impressed by it so i hope you enjoy it! I know there's nothing more disappointing than looking forward to a film for AGES only to think it's rubbish when you finally get to see it! :)

    Joy ♥

  10. Gorgeous :)))


  11. Thank you, it's the only perfect nail I have, really. You will not be disappointed by HP7! I saw it at midnight with high hopes, and it was even better. Have a great time! :)

  12. i'm waiting second film!!!

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  13. Becky May - It was amazing wasnt it! I cant wait to see it again!
    Michelle - I know! Now I am counting down to part 2, Can. not. wait!
    Cherry - Aw! I would so come with you to see it again, it was that good!
    Amy - Totally agree :) I cant wait for July
    Elle - You're right! Gosh, wish i could see it again :) Dobby's death was so sad!
    Little Rambling rose - Ooh you should! I completely agree with them!
    Pink Bow - Totally possible! I really want a HP marathon now!
    Kb - Wow! I read the books again over the summer, now I already have the urge to go re read them!
    All Made Up - Yes, it was very impressive, and im so glad it has been getting good reviews :) I so agree with you there, but I wasnt disappointed with this film!
    Minnja - Such pretty pictures arent they :)
    Ambaam - Yes it was amazing, very cool you got to see it at midnight!
    Finder - Second part will be more incredible I think!

  14. Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    I loved Harry Potter it was actually incredible and I have to admit to being an addict :L xx

  15. Thank you Katie for dropping by my blog. I hope you like it;)