Sunday, 7 November 2010

Nobody's Fool

First off I want to say a huge huge thankyou to all my wonderful followers! I reached 50 followers tonight, and then another two joined the party as I was exclaiming it on Twitter*! I cant express how much I really appreciate you all wanting to read my little blog, thankyou! :)
This weekend has been pretty relaxing, although I have quite a bit of uni work to do which seems to have been forgotten! I have a lecture tomorrow with a talk from a designer and I start my new brief for Esquire magazine. I need to buy that on the way to university and then on the way home pick up some mount board from my local art shop! I have yet another deadline and assessment on Thursday but my tutor is happy with my work so Im not as nervous as last time! I can't really believe it is November, I seem to say this every month! I so so cannot wait for Christmas, its probably my favourite time! I love the build up and the atmosphere and the songs and the lights, pretty much everything! Plus another good thing about this month is the new Harry Potter film! Goshh I cannot wait! Any other Harry Potter geeks out there? I love love love it! :)

This weekend I have been procrastinating with some crochet and watching DVDs, you can see Finding Nemo in the photo and I also watched My Neighbour Totoro :)
Here's hoping I catch up with some university work tonight so I dont leave it till last minute! What do you do to get motivated?
Loves to you all!
P.S For my UK lovelies, Waitrose is currently doing Ben & Jerry's icecream, two for a fiver! I am popping in on my way home tomorrow and stocking up! As I work there I get discount too so needless to say I am a very happy bunny (with an expanding waistline!)
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  1. For me procrastination = motivation! Always work better under pressure! (Well I don't know if it's better, it's the only way I know!)

    Sarah XXXX

  2. i know what you mean about the christmas atmosphere! i love dark nights too, they just seem cosier, especially shopping when it's dark in london when all the lights are up <3

    great post.

  3. Sarah - I am too much of a worrier to leave things to last minute! Haha :)
    Wintage Net Voodle - Ooh I would love to go to London during christmas and go shopping! It sounds magical :)
    Daisychain - Me too, such a good film! :)

  4. Thanks for the post! I just followed your blog. Follow mine too!


  5. deodorant and finding nemo <3 !

  6. Thanks for dropping by ^^
    Glad your tutor love your work! I'm sure you'll do fine with the rest!
    Harry Potter! I'm gonna see it this month aswell :D

  7. I can't I believe its already November, craaaazy! x

  8. hey cute blog, will you check out mine? it's new and i need followers, i hope to hear from you soon!!!

  9. Good luck with the deadline! Love the fact you're doing a bit of crochet too, wish I was better at it. I'm definitely looking forward to HP too, it's been such a long wait since I read the book in 9 hours and needed the film desperately!

  10. Awww, Finding Nemo!! So cute!!!
    When I was in Uni, I remember I used to give myself little rewards for every goal I managed to achieve... little things like en extra chocolate bar, a new ring, etc.
    It helped a lot because it made me work to get the things I wanted!! :D


  11. Jenny - Just going to pop over and check out your blog now! Thanks so much for following :)
    Ivy - You can tell I didn't set this photo up, deodorant has no relevance whatsoever to this post! :P Im just lazy and dont put it away haha!
    Mel - I hope so, thank you! :) Yess absolutely cannot wait till I get to see it in the cinema!
    Little shadow - I know! Where did October go? Soon it will be December! Ahh!
    Kirtsyb - No problem :)
    Kb - Thanks! Im hoping I'll be motivated tomorrow! I learnt through youtube videos and just practice practice practice! I read the books again over the summer, Im so looking forward to it but it will be sad when it's all over :(
    Vikki - I love Dory :D Ooh thats a good idea, I have heard of that method before, perhaps I should try it out! Thanks for the tip :)

  12. i have too much love for ben + jerry's :)

    ps, i'm a christian too :) xx

  13. Congrats on all the followers! Mmm I may just have to take advantage of the Ben and Jerry's offer!

  14. Aw, congratulations on all of your followers! In no time you will be writing a blog post about how you have over 100! :) My sister is super excited about Harry Potter, she bought her tickets the other week, hehe. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!