Friday, 17 December 2010

Five Things Friday - Stags

Sorry about the late post, I am feeling so sleepy and the day has gone by far too quickly!
This weeks FTF is stags. I have been seeing them so much this winter (not the actual animal, just inspired items!)

Pretty Picture - One of the first I posted on my Tumblr!

Tesco - Stag top (in the sale!)

Comfy Topshop Stag socks
 Interesting silver antler ring

The South hasn't been hit with the second round of snow yet, just icy roads! Have you seen snow yet? Hope you have a great weekend.
Love, Katie xoxo


  1. I like the Antler necklace, cute indeed! :-)

  2. I love stags too! have an amazing antler ring I'm lusting after.

  3. I nearly ordered that Tesco top the other day, but there's something about his face I don't like! (I know, I'm strange..!)

    That ring is amazing - oh what I'd give to find that in my stocking next week :)

  4. aw this ring is soo cute. love your blog. I'm following!

    I would be honoreddddd if you followed me too!

  5. Candid Phobic - Absolutely, it looks lovely in white :)
    Daisychain - I'll definitely have to check that out, stags seem to be popping up everywhere!
    Heartshapedbruise - Actually, I know what you mean! I saw it on the close up detail shot on the website, its like it been printed twice?! Hehe, maybe send a letter to Father Christmas quick!
    T.A.P.S Thankyou, Im just going to check yours out now!