Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sum it  up - November was a good month, although I'm really not sure where it went! (I say this every month but it's always true, time seems to be so fast lately)

Struggles - I have had a real problem this academic year with motivation. I get all my work done on time and everything, with good marks, but I never seem to get any work done when I want to. I have realised I work better at night, which is okay, but not when I have to get up at 7am for work/ to travel to uni.

University work -  Got a first at university for one of my projects. I have worked very hard this year (despite lack of inspiration) and it's so good to know it is all paying off. I just have a few more weeks of intense workload and then almost a month before hand in.

Christmas shopping - I've started listing and organising my Christmas budget and started buying some of the gifts. This year I am really excited about the gifts I am giving to others :)

1 - Visit old friends
2 - Donate to charity
3 - Get all university work out of the way so I can have a stress-free christmas
4 - Have an amazing Christmas with the family
5 - Play some board games
6 - Plan some blog posts

Presents from others - Although my birthday was back in July, my best friend gave me my gifts. I actually liked it 4 months on, I had completely forgotten about it and it was a surprise when I got them :) I received a 'My neighbour Totoro' DVD (she has me hooked on Studio Ghibli now), a cute Eco Bridge pencil set and a beautiful new notebook.

Presents to myself - I bought myself a new apple wireless keyboard. One of the lovely sleek ones that make me feel oh so posh when I'm tapping away :) My other Apple keyboard broke because I spilt water on it! The keys work fine, all except the spacebar key and I cant cope without that. Funny how we're all so dependent on that one key isnt it! Its so overlooked! Anyway, after that fiasco, I was using a wireless microsoft, big chunky black thing that luckily worked with my imac from my old pc. My Dad didn't even say anything when he asked about the old Apple keyboard and why it's broken *phew!*
I also bought a new bracelet, a case for my tablet (upcoming Christmas present I have acquired early!), some wool for a handmade gift to my best friend, some art materials for university, a new pair of boots and winter coat. I bought some new jumpers as well, which will soon make an appearance on here due to the cold weather!

So a very happy 1st of December to you all! I hope you are wrapping up warm if you're living in England. The South had a sprinkling of snow last night, but tonight is apparently the night for 2-3 inches. Who knows! Each morning I peer out of my window for that pure white blanket of snow, but nothing yet! Im sure to update on twitter, so follow me there, if you like!
Lots of love,

P.S So sorry I have been slacking with replying to your wonderful comments! University is pretty crazy this week and I am counting down the days until we finish! I appreciate every single one though, so thank you :)


  1. can`t wait for uni to finish and all the holidays.xx

  2. ahhh wow this is such a good idea.
    well done on getting a first on your work too :)
    keep at it. i'm a night worker too, less distractions on t'internet because everyone's in bed!