Friday, 7 January 2011

Five Things Friday

Hi lovelies! Here's a new little layout for my five things friday posts. I love this weeks picks, just little things I have found on my internet travels this week!
This bunny brooch is from tabidesigns on Etsy, and is so cute. I am a huge lover of bunnies, and if they're in teacups? Even better!
These Topshop socks are sure to keep my feet warm as England is as cold as ever right now. Nothing I like more than curling up at home, wearing some comfy socks, drinking a hot cuppa and snuggling in my bed. The pattern of these are lovely and wintry too, and the colour combo is perfect.
I recently stumbled upon a link to this online shop, called Kikki. It is gorgeous! The journals and the little bird gift tag are found in this haven, aren't they cute!
I am a sucker for soft toys, and this little piglet is adorable. It's made from surplus fabric making each one different.
Have you found any good little online stores recently? I'd love to check them out :)

Also, I feel like I'm working out my blogging funk already, which is great! I'm feeling much more inspired and motivated to create a lovely blog already :) I think just having a little time to refocus on what I want this place to be worked wonders!
Have a great weekend, love Katie xoxo


  1. those socks are too damn cute.

  2. love the journals!

    xxo Tess S.

  3. These are all lovely, love the little birdy banner you made too! I think I like the pig best, I like the idea of one day making something like him, or a bird out of different scraps of fabric. Need to get a whole lot better at sewing first though. Glad you are feeling less funky! :D

  4. Daisychain - I know! I have so many socks, but none are quite as lovely!
    Tess - I'd love to own them all :)
    Amber Blue Bird - Thanks, you too!
    Rosie - Exactly what I was thinking! Haha, well practice makes perfect! And thankyou, so am I! Atleast it didn't take long!

  5. I love the new design/layout of your Five Things Friday sweet! Especially the tag/header bit (: Those cards and journals look so lovely, I'm in a rut with my stationary at the moment, really want a whole new set for the new semester! Hope you're well Katie! xxxx

  6. I love the journals! Am going to check them out!

  7. Those journals! Ahhhhhhh! All of these items are incredibly adorable!