Friday, 21 January 2011

Five Things Friday

Hello hello :) How are you all? My week has been pretty relaxing really, and I have bookmarked so many things this week for future FTF's! They're all lovely, I can't wait to show you guys!
The dress from Modcloth may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it! It reminds me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz but it's also kind of vintage and it makes me long for summer so much!
This journal from Sukie looks lovely too, a bit too much for me to spend on an art journal but I love the rustic look of this one. I love the fact it has different kinds of paper in and little pockets for holding stuff!
I saw this bag in the shop I featured last week too, Kikki.K. I think it works so well with the journal! I love the simplicity.
The bowl from Liberty is so cute, I can really see this in my future home. Blue and white seems to be a colour scheme I am really loving, and I definitely want to see more of it!
Finally, this cute pillow from Rume. I have a soft spot for owls, and I really like the design of this one. The grey is really nice and I would certainly want this on my sofa.

Okay girlies, so are you happy it's Friday? I'm not really! I have work tomorrow and it marks my week off university.  Next week I get my results from my hand-ins, meaning I have to lug my portfolio in again, and the new semester means I lose one of my days off! Ah well, I'm not one to complain, just tell me to stop moaning! I hope you all have a good weekend, and I'll see you Sunday! Love, Katie xoxo


  1. I love them all :)
    Yea, I really like blue.


  2. A Dorothy-inspired dress AND an owl pillow in the same post!? Love, love, love it!

  3. I love that bowl, I go mad for kitchenware! everyone laughs at my collection of tea cups, plates and glassware...
    I love your header, it's so pretty