Saturday, 1 January 2011

Goodbye 2010

Happy New Year to one and all!
Heres a little picture I drew with my resolutions in, they're pretty cliche really! Confidence is my main one, I really need to work on it! I have a separate goals list which I will write in my journal and share soon.
The ones with the stars are the most important :)

Next year, I will have a full year of posts to look back on, so it will be wonderful to see what I spent my year doing. This year I plan to blog more of the things I am doing, and my hobbies and anything that takes my fancy. I can't wait to make this a creative blog and share my passions with you all some more. Thankyou for supporting me and Sugarpatch through 2010! I started blogging regularly in May, so thankyou all for your comments and follows, it means so much! I am off to a family meal today and I am wearing my beautiful new shoes from Matalan which I'm sure you'll all see on the blog very soon!
Love to you all, and may 2011 be a great year for everyone!
Love, Katie


  1. I think they're such good resolutions. I agree with the read more books one, I really need to read more! I'm sure you'll be able to do them! :)
    Happy new year

  2. I hope 2011 is amazing for you and that you manage to achieve all that you wish to (:

  3. Eee this is such a late comment, but good luck!! I know you will be able to reach all of these goals. I'm excited for you to blog more! :)