Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Roundup #5

Hey lovelies. Sorry about the lack of posts this week! Hand-ins went well, thank you all for your well wishes, and I should find out results next week :) This week has been pretty nice really, we had to hang around all day whilst our work was marked (hand-in at 9.30, collect at 6) but it wasn't too bad. On Thursday we spent the day at various pubs and had a lovely time chilling out :)
This week also consisted of changing my bed sheets and eating a lot of chocolate, I still have a bag full to eat! Im not even complaining, I've managed to get down to my goal weight, so who knows how that works?! Last night I took some crazy pics, my hair is so long now! I love it :) And yeah, the last picture? I'm a dork!

The plan for the rest of the day is to do some art journalling, write down some ideas for future blog posts, and watch Legally Blonde whilst eating Ben & Jerry's. Sounds perfect.
Have a lovely Sunday! Katie xoxo


  1. I have major hair envy right now x

  2. your hair colour is gorgeous! <3

  3. Laura - Haha thankyou! Its one of the only things I truly love about me, I hate even getting it trimmed :)
    Behindblueeyes - Thanks!
    Yona - Aw thankyou :) It's a bit darker irl than in these pictures though!