Thursday, 24 March 2011

Yellow Roses

In an attempt to achieve my goal this year for reading more books, I ordered a few off Amazon to add to my collection. Alot of the books in the pile are actually for my university work, and don't count towards my total but are cluttering up my sides just the same!

These are the three new books I ordered and that arrived last week. I had been meaning to read 'Dear John' and 'Never let me go' for a while now, after seeing the films which I loved. Of course, we all know the books are better, so I'm really eager to get started on these. The book by Joshua Harris was an impulse buy, a quite extreme look at Christian dating which I can't say I agree with, but find it interesting nonetheless. I have just finished reading the Twilight saga, so thats 4/50. I have just got back into reading this week, I hadn't read for so long what with uni work and other things happening, but hopefully, 50 won't be too hard of a number to reach if I knuckle down.

Have you bought any new books recently? Any that you would really recommend for me to try?
I hope you are having a lovely week, hasn't the sunshine been lovely! I have an extra day off today due to industrial action at university, so I am going to try and be productive. So far though, I can't say it's working! Love, Katie xoxo


  1. Lack of storage space on our boat means that I don't buy books, but I am a regular visitor to our local library. My current favourite author is Alexander McCall Smith. I adore anything by him.

    Enjoy your reading!
    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  2. Ooh Never Let Me Go, that's been on my wishlist for ages now as I'm refusing to see the film until I've read it! :P The Notebook will always be my fave Nicholas Sparks book. <3

    I'm currently reading Sister by Rosamund Lupton as part of Gem(FGWL)'s Book Club. It's a book I doubt I would have picked up if I hadn't joined the club and I'm loving it so far. :) x

  3. Never Let Me Go is on my 'to-read' list and like the above commenter, I don't want to see the film until I've read it! Let us know what you think of the book.

    I'm currently reading American Psycho, another one that was on my list for ages and I borrowed from a uni friend. I don't seem to sit down and read like I used to anymore :(

    I also had no lectures because of strikes and wasn't as productive as I hoped. Oops!

  4. I really want to read Never let me go. I've recently bought The life of pi, which has gotten good reviews so hope it'll be a good read. ^-^ x