Friday, 8 April 2011

Azuni - Review

I recently received this gorgeous necklace in the post the other day, and let me say, this is my new favourite. The necklace is from Azuni, the Love Only Twisted collection, which 'combines the traditional symbols of swallows, scrolls and twisted ropes to create a modern love story.'
At first glance I thought it looked quite thick and heavy, though in reality it turned out to be much the opposite. It was presented in a beautiful handmade silk pouch which I thought was a lovely touch. The necklace is light and delicate, and the chain isn't too heavy or thin so I don't constantly worry about it breaking!
One thing I would say is that the points on the scroll are quite sharp - this isn't really a problem as the necklace lies flat on my skin, and I only noticed this when playing with it (as I do with all similar jewellery!) Like I said, it hasn't scratched me or anything, but I would just be careful if it gets caught at another angle because the metal may well be sharp enough to make a mark.
Overall, I really love this necklace . I'd never heard of Azuni before, but I am pleasantly surprised with the quality and craftsmanship of their work. There is a lot of detail in something so small, such as the little heart charm attached, and I have received many compliments when wearing this piece :)
There are plenty of jewellery pieces on their website, both silver and gold, and in my opinion the quality is definitely up there with the well known jewellery brands.
Azuni are sharing with all my lovely readers a 20% discount when you order any piece from their website. All you have to do is call or email them, mention 'Sugarpatch' and you'll recieve 20% off during the whole of April and May :) I think there are many pieces perfect for your partners, friends and loved ones, so make sure you use the discount if anything takes your fancy!
Thanks, Azuni! Love, Katie xoxo


  1. its charming, very delicate which I like

  2. ahh you're so lucky!i love that necklace, it's too cute! :)

    hope you'll enter my giveaway