Monday, 4 April 2011

Points of Pinterest [Week 2]

Happy monday! Hello to my lovely new readers, thanks so much for stopping by, and a big thanks to Bee for linking me! :)
Here are this weeks pins:

 This gorgeous illustration by Lotta Niemine. I've been feeling so inspired to paint again!

This lovely print by Valero Doval. The trunk is full of really lovely neutral shades.

This spot the difference painting by Jon Klassen. My perfect illustration style!

I really love this idea. Collage has always inspired me, but this wave picture is really something! If you click the link you'll be able to see the incredible collages by Matthew Cusick, so talented!

Finally, another inspirational quote to end this weeks pins :) I haven't heard this one before, but I think it is beautiful. Hope you all had a good Monday! Love, Katie xoxo


  1. i must say, i do love your blog! lovely little selection of pieces, do post some of your artwork! xx

  2. I love the first illustration, it's so bright and bold...and fun!