Monday, 18 April 2011

Points of Pinterest [Week 4]

(l-r, top to bottom) - Delicious frozen hot choc, pretty inspiring summer photo, gorgeous graphic design, delicate pencil illustration, and a lovely painting by Charmaine Olivia.

Woahhh it's Monday already and I almost forgot all out Points of Pinterest! I'm trying a different type of layout this week, sort of like FTF seen as that is on hiatus at the mo! I think I prefer it, what do you think?

My weekend was okay, same old same old. Graham has gone back to Kent for the week, which in a way is good because I have a lot of uni work to get on with, and this way I won't have any distractions! I watched The Truman Show last night, what an amazing film, so so good! Have you seen it? I don't usually have set films I absolutely love (there are just too many!) but I think this definitely goes into the top 10! Have a lovely week guys, and a big hello to my new readers! See you soon, love Katie xoxo


  1. I love the pictures especially the ones of the people on the swings X

  2. I love the layout. Pretty :)
    Holly x

  3. The truman show is one of my fave films as well. I'll be seeing it again soon. *sigh* for the choc pic...
    Happy week!

  4. Lovely photos :) I haven't watched the Truman Show in ages but I remember loving it, and thinking how great Jim Carey was in it. xx

  5. you have a lovely blog! i love the title image. am now following you =) xx

  6. I love the summery photo, so pretty!
    The Truman Show is such a good film, I haven't seen it in ages - will definitely have to get round to watching it again soon!