Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday Roundup #8

(l-r) Grahams 21st chocolate cake I made last Sunday; mini marshmallows - my current go-to snack!
Me and Graham at the park on a gorgeous sunny day the other week; another pudding! Yummy icecream
University work, coding websites in Dreamweaver (yawn); oh me and Graham at the park again! haha

Only another week gone by already! I can't believe I only have one week left of my easter break, and its going to be full of hard graft as I have lots of work to do ready for deadlines!
After my trip to the Apple Store on Friday to fix my dodgy ipod, I came out with a brand new third gen, which I am now planning to sell on ebay seen as I've brought another little beauty ;) If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed the instagram photos I keep uploading! I have upgraded to the ipod touch 4th gen, and I couldn't be happier! Its such a difference in colour and screen brightness, much lighter too. I am very hapy because one of the things I would love to do more is to take photos of life in general. I am far too shy to whip out a camera during the week and snap away in public, and I think having a camera on my ipod is much more discreet and I will definitely be taking more photos :) My camera on my phone is rather rubbish, and the many camera apps I have downloaded have such lovely effects!

Anyway, that explains the photos this week. It's so much easier to take a little snap on the ipod rather than have to set up my slr. I hope you don't mind these photos, I know they aren't as good quality but they are much easier and will allow me to bring back Sunday roundups every week :)
Have a good week lovelies! Katie xoxo


  1. Love the pictures of you and Graham in the park, so sweet. That cake looks very yummy, he's a lucky boy!xx

  2. That last picture is so adorable :) You have to love this weather!

  3. I love the pics in the park, the marshmallows and the programming looks interesting...ish.We are learning PEARL programming and I know what you mean by yawn :p
    Happy new week!