Monday, 25 April 2011

Sunday Roundup #9

 (l-r) Bike ride; Current read; Uni work; Lovely sunny weather!; Vintage radio; Chocolate haul.

A day late posting this, as I spent Easter at my Grandparents, and then round Graham's. We had a delicious full english breakfast, and I got a delicious bounty of eggs and chocolate goodness!
Last week I went on a bike ride with Laura, which actually made my legs feel like jelly and the saddle really bruised my posterior :p Dear dear, I am so unfit! I really enjoyed it though, definitely something I'd love to do more. Photo 2 shows my reading material at the moment, and I am crossing off a goal of reading a Jane Austen book, as well as ticking off another book for my reading list.
You can see my week has been full of uni work, here it is all over the floor!
I snapped a quick pic off my ipod showing the weather forecast on friday which got me excited, but didnt quite get past 24c! (Not complaining!) The vintage radio was gound in my Grandparents loft and I thought it was very cool! It even came with the original guarantee and documents. The final picture is my little baskets of chocolate, delicious! I actually ate an egg before I sanpped this photo too :p Cheeky!
I hope you all had a lovely easter, and have a lovely week! I'm back at uni, but hopefully it shouldn't be too bad! Love, Katie xoxo
(P.S No Points of Pinterest this week, sorry!)


  1. Eeep, congrats on crossing off a goal. Sounds like you've had so much fun! love the photos.

  2. I have been on a lot of bike rides lately but I am the same and always end up with jelly legs and ouchie bum! Your chocolate haul is very impressive, I am very jealous! Long gone are the days when I would get five or six easter eggs, I only got one this year!

  3. congrats on finishing Pride and Prejudice, hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Such a good book - enjoy it! x

  5. Thank-you for the comment my lovely, firstly I have to say how much I love your radio! it' so cute.. and secondly I'm getting there with Never Let Me Go, although I'm getting slightly bored of all this build up.. I'm too impatient :( xxx