Thursday, 7 April 2011

Weekly thanks

Croissants - Haha, I guess this is an odd thing to be thankful for, but recently I have been enjoying these lovely french delicacies as a little snack. They fill me up and they're much healthier than my usual snacking on chocolate :)

Modern Family - This American TV show is amazing! It makes me laugh so much, definitely a show I put on to cheer up my day.

Friends - Another TV show I really love, as I'm sure most of you do too! I've been working through my boxsets and am currently on series 3 ;) I like having it on in the background whilst doing my work, not sure if this is a good idea or if it's just plain distracting!

Journalling - I've felt really inspired to journal again this week, and I have started doing little bits here and there to get into the swing of it again! It's been so long since I last did a completed page and I'd love to do it some more, so hopefully I'll share some new pages soon!

Car Boots - I am so glad the car boots have started up again! I really enjoy doing this every Sunday with my Dad. Sure, I never buy anything but maybe one day I'll come home with a truckload! I know it seems silly to go when I don't buy anything, I'm not sure what it is but I just really enjoy them! Maybe it's spending some quality time with my Dad or just wandering around the stalls and looking at all the different things.

Hope your week is going well! It has gone so quickly for me, but it's been really nice having some time off of university. I love lie-ins! I'll post a review for you all (hopefully) tomorrow with a cheeky discount and then I have a day off work Saturday so I'll be shopping with my Mum and sister and hopefully picking up lots of bargains :) Have a lovely few days, love, Katie xoxo


  1. Modern Family is SO good, it's one of my favourite TV shows! Cameron and Mitchell are absolutely hilarious, and Lily is adorable (but she never makes a sound?!)

  2. I love car boots as well, I think part of the fun is not knowing what you could find! Mmm croissants :) x

  3. I'm doing a carboot soon, really looking forward to it xxx

  4. Oh I look car boot sales! So many bargains to be found :D

  5. Modern Family is one of my favorite shows, it always makes me laugh

  6. ohh i know i've said this but i want to say it again, i love the design of your blog! it's so pretty. and also, modern family, super frotthh <3 (i'm not sure if you say 'froth' in england, or only australia. apart from when your talking about drinks i mean :] ) i recently did an english assignment at school which actually required me to watch modern family in class- best.assessment.ever.

  7. Modern Family is so good! I love that there isn't really a 'weak' character and they all stand out in their own little ways.

    Aww Friends. The episodes with Mike in are on E4 at the moment which always makes me happy because I want to marry Mike haha.