Thursday, 14 April 2011

Weekly thanks

Sunshine - Well, England has lost it this week and we are back to the cold, rainy April we should be having. It does make me extra thankful for the gorgeous weather we had last week, I cannot wait for summer, BBQs in the forest, trips to the beach...

Books - I have mentioned a few times on the blog how much I love reading and a good book, for me, is a really lovely thing to get lost in on a dull afternoon.

Films - I have watched quite a few films this week and it's lovely to just lie back and watch, although when I watched HP yesterday with the sis, I couldn't help thinking about all the uni work I should be doing! Oh well, it was amazinngg so it wasn't like I had time wasted right? ;)

Good health - I think a lot of us takes our health for granted. My boyfriend has been very ill this week and it makes me feel so bad for him to see him in pain and not himself. It just makes me realise how lucky I am to have a good immune system and also in comparison to everyone around the world, especially in developing countries, we are so so lucky to have easy access to health care too.

Shopping trips - Following my sucessful shopping spree in town last weekend, it reminds me how lovely it is to be able to go shopping and find lots of lovely things. Unfortunately, I will have to limit myself with the shopping for a couple of weeks because I am very low on funds, but pay day in 2 weeks and my university grant in May should fix that!

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