Thursday, 21 April 2011

Weekly thanks

Bike rides - I went on one yesterday afternoon, and it was so lovely! It was really nice riding through the forest with the sun still shining like it was midday! My legs and thighs hurt so much today though, which certainly shows how unfit I am! It also makes me thankful of how close I live to the forest, I'd really like to go on long forest walks with Graham sometime.

Suncream - Very useful not to look like a lobster! I know it can be a big pain and a bit annoying, but I am thankful for it because sunburn can be painful!

Post - I LOVE getting mail :) Granted it's never usually anything exciting, but I really love getting post :) I think it would be good to have a penpal or something because I love letters, so if you know of any projects/blogs/ or if any of you want one too please let me know :)

Bedroom - I really do take my bedroom for granted, especially it's size. I mean, it's not massive but it's not small either, and I know some people have really tiny bedrooms that can only fit in a bed, so I am thankful for having my own space where I can work and spread out.

Cookery Shows - I absolutely love cooking shows. This week I've been watching Jamie at Home, Jamie's thirty minute meals and loads of River Cottage. It makes me really want to cook, and I'd love to cook a meal from scratch (its on my goal list!) Anyone got any links for easy, simple (but yummy) meals?


  1. I love these sorts of posts. Just done one of my own haha. River cottage <3

  2. I love your header, it's so cute!
    Sorry for the late reply and the fact that my blog is covered in negativity at the moment xxx

  3. I was really eager to go on a bikeride this weekend but turns out my parents had sold most of the bikes and the only one left had a flat tyre- so gutted!xx