Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Awake my soul

 University work is over! I can't officially say that my second year is done quite yet, as I have to go in on Thursday to recieve my final grades, but it feels so good to not do anything all day and not have to feel guilty! ;) Total bliss. I have A LOT of plans for the summer, but I'll need to organise my head a little bit before I share them here. I'll need to make a big list, I think, with goals etc, because I really don't want to waste this summer. I need to work out a balance between relaxing and having a good time as well as being productive and achieving lots!

Yesterday was lovely. We handed in our work at 9.30 and headed off to Yates for breakfast. We split up after that and me and Graham went back to his house. We re-met up with Jack, Carlie and Steve for lunch at Avondales where I beat graham at pool ;) Back to 43 then, and played on Sims 3, laughing a lot and having such a good time. The day went so quick, and we went to pick our work back up at 6.00. Home at 7.30 to a hot meal and Ben and Jerrys. Perfect.


  1. What a gorgeous photo.... Congratulations on finishing all your work and being free! x

  2. How nice is the end of uni work?! I finished last week, so excited for 4 months of summer! xx

  3. I work in a uni library and it's been manic, can't wait until all the students go home ;)

  4. congrats on being all done with your schoolwork, summer is so close!