Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Chop



I remember when having a braid in your hair was totally cool. Seeing photos of myself with a fringe an inch above my eyebrows. Having my hair shoulder length throughout secondary school. When, aged 11, I decided a fringe was so not cool, and growing it out. Realising, about 4 years later, that my forehead is far too big to not have one. Putting a side fringe back in. Letting my hair grow long.
And then chopping 5 inches off.
I did it. I've said it for a while now, that perhaps my hair needs a trim. My Mum and my other half said I should cut my hair shorter. My lovely long princess hair! I felt like that made me, me. I loved it when people commented on my long hair. I was proud of it. Reluctantly, I agreed to have it trimmed, an inch, maybe even 2, just to make it more healthy. It started to get rather tangly, and to tell the truth, brushing it was a bother. But I loved my long hair. I kept putting off the dreaded trim. Silly right? The other day I took the plunge. I'm not sure what came over me. Maybe it was because I'd been saying it for a while, but everyone knew it wasn't going to happen. Maybe I wanted to prove them wrong. Who knows. But five minutes later, and five inches gone, I came back to reality.
Woah. That's a lot of hair in the bin.
It's growing on me. At first, I hated it. I think it's still classed as long hair, which shows how long it was before, but it just feels so... short. Mum loves it. Graham loves it. All my friends love it. Apparently it makes me look older (proved by the fact I didn't get asked for I.D yesterday) My hair looks healthier, and thicker. I guess I'm coming round.
Besides, it will grow again.
Edit: I just added the new 'short' hair photos, I guess it doesn't seem too short, maybe I'm crazy. It looks rather long in the first after photo!


  1. I like it :). I wish I had half your hair! haha.

    Helen, X

  2. Haha aw thankyou Helen! xoxo

  3. Great job!
    Amazing blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  4. i like your hair... its so thick! i wish mine was like that!

    <3 steffy
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  5. Awesome blog! :)
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  6. Thanks for your lovely comment girl ♥
    You look great !


  7. Ooh love the new hair! Thanks for your comment by the way, always struggle to think of nothing, but definitely worth a try :) Also definitely need to start reading before bed!


  8. aw i love it! you have such dreamy hair x

  9. Thank you for all your kind comments! I think I take my hair for granted sometimes :) xoxo

  10. Your hair looks lovely, really suits you :).

    Sadie xx