Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tinted World

 Hello lovelies.
Thankyou so much for sticking around whilst I dropped off the blogging radar and took an impromptu blogging break. I had fallen out of love with blogging. However, seen as tomorrow is my final university hand-in (Yes! Freedom!) for the year, and I have a 4 month summer ahead of me, I really want to get back in to the blogging spirit. Weekly features are taking a break right now, as I make my blog into something I enjoy. I'll post mostly about life, my thoughts,  my art, my doings, my passions. Seen as I want my blog to be like a diary for me to look back and remember later in life, I'm going to center my blog around my life. I know I've written about things like this before. Blogging is difficult for me at the moment. Sometimes I wonder why I have a blog at all. But I think it's a good place to write my thoughts down, and share with you all the things I do, what excites me and my inner thoughts.
Sweet. Sounds like a plan, batman.


  1. I'm excited to see what you'll bring over the next few months :D yay for hand in! xx

  2. Great post, welcome back to the world of blogging.

  3. Thank-you for the comment Katie :3 So pleased your back! xxx