Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Oh Comely

On Monday, I popped in to WHSmiths to have a browse for a magazine I try to find everytime I go in there! I almost gave up my search again until I turned around and saw the last copy on the shelf.
I have heard such good things about 'Oh Comely' and I certainly wasn't disappointed. I was impressed with the sheer amount of content and little amount of ads, as well as the thickness of it. It really feels like a book and it's such a lovely, relaxing read, and £4 is great value. I am guilty of spending the usual £3.80 for the fashion mags but I certainly don't read those cover to cover like this. I'm planning on asking a subscription for my birthday coming up in a month.

I also made this camera necklace yesterday. I was totally inspired by Ella and her DIY but I drew a Diana camera instead of using her template. I made it quite small because I like little necklaces :) I really love it! Thanks for the inspiration Ella :) xoxo


  1. Love the camera necklace, and yey your blog is working :) xxxx

  2. Ohh! Is that Issue six of Oh Comely?! My local WHsmiths still only have issue five! I keep pestering them about it!! Best magazine around :)

  3. Gem - Thanks, and yay! Glad it worked changing it back!
    Laura - Aw thanks :)
    Amy - Yes it's Issue 6! Haha go pester them some more :p And I completely agree! Definitely hooked.

  4. i really love your blog, i'm so glad you commented on mine so i found you!!! I fancy trying this magazine!! Ohh your header and everything is amazing!! XX

  5. That magazine sounds like a good read, I doubt I can find one over here in the States.

    You did a good DIY with that necklace, it's cute.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. This is such a cute necklace, we love :)

    We're now following you! Please follow us back :)

    T & J


  7. what an adorable necklace! i have to go check out her diy :) lovely blog -- following

    visit/follow me

  8. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    i've only recently gotten into oh comely, and now it's everywhere! xxx

  9. Awww that necklace is mega cute! x

  10. Love your necklace! Also I must pick up an edition of Oh Comely :) x

  11. i tend to only buy vogue every month, along with a few secondhand magazines, but i may have to sample an issue of oh comely soon :) i love the little necklace you made! xx