Saturday, 30 July 2011

Boots Botanics Skincare Review

Recently, I've been starting to wear make-up more often and consequently, I am more aware of how I treat my skin. Usually when I wear make-up I always forget to take it off at night and to be honest, I'm not too bothered. Now I'm wearing it more often, I think it's really important to look after my skin. I've noticed I have started to get more spots and blemishes on my skin recently, which is one of the reasons why I have started to use make-up more and more, to boost my confidence. I had heard a few things about the Boots Botanics range of skincare products so I decided to try them out. I ordered them online where they were on the 3 for 2 offer because it wasn't on instore. I got free delivery too because I had it delivered to my local store which was an added bonus. I bought the soothing eye make-up remover and the pore perfecting toner and deep clean mousse which are both for blemish prone skin.
I was a bit tentative at first because, quite frankly, I had no idea what I was doing!* I found the deep clean mousse fascinating because the very runny liquid in the bottle turns into foam once squirted. You don't need much either, which is great because it will last me ages. I simply washed my face with water and then massaged the mousse onto my skin. The product claims to sweep away impurities, excess oil and dead skin cells, while keeping skin smooth and healthy looking. I really loved the smell of this, it's very delicate and not overpowering at all. I washed the mousse off with more water and it definitely made my skin softer.

The second product I used was the soothing eye make up remover. I think this was probably my best product out of the three. My eyes are extremely sensitive and so when I wear eyeliner and mascara, I often leave it on instead of rubbing my eyes over and over with make-up wipes just to get it off. I dampened a cotton wool pad and rubbed my eye, expecting it to smudge terribly over the rest of my skin like it usually does with make up wipes. I was so surprised when I took the pad off and it had taken off most of my eye makeup and with no smudging at all! It only took two wipes on each eye to get off all my mascara and eyeliner and I didn't have to rub hard or try at all. It didn't leave my eyes watering or stinging; I would absolutely recommend this product again and again.

Finally, the pore perfecting toner. You have to shake this one really well to combine the liquid with the clay that settles at the bottom. You just dampen a cotton wool pad with the liquid and apply over your face and neck. I wasn't taken with the smell myself, I can only smell the clay, not the rosemary so was a bit unsure at first but the smell doesn't last on your skin unlike the mousse. It really does do what it says; I can feel it tightening my pores straight away and it also takes off any traces of product that may have been missed from the mousse. I did find this stinging my eyes a little, even though I only wiped around my eyes, but it wasn't severe and only lasted a while. It took a while for my skin to feel soft afterwards (much longer than the quick result and feel of the mousse) but my skin does feel much smoother.
Overall, I'm very pleased with these products! I also really like the packaging, it's simple, but I think it's quite elegant and 'grown up'. I bought the lot for about £7 because of the 3 for 2 offer, which I'm pleased with, and I think it's a really important to look after my skin now I'm wearing makeup much more often.

*I'm certainly no expert and this is my first makeup 'review' so don't take my advice religiously! I found these products have worked for me and my skin, but everyone is different so what works for me, might not for you. I was not sent these buy Boots, this post isn't sponsored; I was just extremely pleased with my purchases and thought I should share :)


  1. I've tried this range as well and at first it was nice and my skin was OK with it but like many products, my skin got used to it and it didn't work anymore, which is a shame because it's a nice, cheap range!

  2. these sound lush! sounds like you have similar skin to mine, so I'll definitely try these.
    ramz and the flock

    p.s don't worry, this is an awesome review!xx

  3. I'm having the same nightmare with my skin at the moment! Currently trying out liz earle stuff, but if that doesn't suceed I may turn to this! It's a lot cheaper anyhow and your review seems really positive! (: Especially interested in the eye-make up remover as I have similar problems with my eyes, especially at the end of the day when they're sore if i've worn my contacts all day too (: x

  4. ooh, I'm definitely going to try that toner - It sounds intriguing! xxx

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